Friday, April 24, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,


Attached below you will find a letter from our Business Manager regarding a scheduled rally to be held out front of Quincy City Hall next Wednesday, 4/29 at 4:00pm.  As some of you may know the City of Quincy is in the process of revitalizing and constructing a new center which originally was committed when the planning began to utilize union labor and local workers to build the city into the next generation.  Unfortunately the Mayor of Quincy and the investor, Quincy Mutual Insurance Co., feels that the working people of Quincy and the South Shore as a whole are overpaid and too expensive to construct the first project coming out of the ground called West of Chestnut.  Brothers and Sisters WE CANNOT SIT IDELLY BY WHILE OUR WAGES AND WORKING CONDITIONS ARE UNDERMINED IN QUINCY!!!!!!!  IT’S TIME TO STEP UP AND FIGHT FOR THIS WORK AND LET THE LEADERS OF QUINCY KNOW THAT WE WILL NOT BE BRUSHED TO THE SIDE!!!  This is a $60 million dollar project of which we will not do a single hour of work on.  THE TIME IS NOW TO STEP UP AND GET INVOLVED IN THE LABOR MOVEMENT.  There are major  capital projects just a few miles outside of the City of Boston that we are fighting to be a part of.  We need to use our greatest asset, OUR MEMBERS, to spread the word and help fight this fight.  Please make every effort to attend this first rally out in front of Quincy City Hall next week.  I truly hope to see you there.  Thank you.


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